Lethality Assessment Program (LAP)2021-03-26T10:11:49-04:00

Lethality Assessment Program Overview

Domestic violence calls can be considered one of the most dangerous situations for both victims and law enforcement officers. The Lethality Assessment (LAP) Program, originally created by the Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence, is a partnership between the Women’s Resource Center and local law enforcement aimed at identifying domestic violence victims at high risk of being killed or seriously injured by their partner.

Officers utilize LAP as a screening tool with victims to determine their level of risk and immediately offer to link them to the WRC hotline. Hotline workers provide support, shelter, education about domestic violence, safety planning, and can schedule follow-up counseling.

LAP assists in this by allowing law enforcement officers to connect high-danger victims with domestic violence programs. Based on additional research, we know that when victims receive this assistance there is a better prosecution rate in following through with their court cases and reduction in assaults.

Our Partners

We are thankful for the police departments that have come together with us in the mission of creating a community free of sexual and domestic violence. Currently, our partnerships include the Radford City Police Department, the Town of Dublin Police Department, the Town of Pulaski Police Department, and the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office.

The Women’s Resource Center is working to expand LAP services to include all law enforcement agencies in our community.

For more information, contact our Lethality Assessment Program Coordinator.