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Mission Statement

Empowering the voices of our LGBTQ+ friends and neighbors, the WRCNRV Inclusion Council’s mission is to identify the unique prevention and service needs of LGBTQ+ individuals of all backgrounds who have experienced sexual and/or intimate partner violence. Towards this end, the Inclusion Council will advocate for service provision practices that are equitable and inclusive.

Action and Ongoing Work

The WRCNRV Inclusion Council is a multidisciplinary group of local community partners that works to address inequities for LGBTQ+ survivors of intimate partner & sexual violence. Today, we work together to augment existing community ties, improve and document local resources, establish best practices, and build systems of safety and equality in the New River Valley for LGBTQ+ survivors.

How You Can Help

If you are interested in joining the WRCNRV Inclusion Council or being added to our LGBTQ+ Friendly Resource List, contact our Outreach Specialist.