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Domestic Violence is a pattern of abusive behaviors in the context of an intimate relationship.

When most people think of domestic violence, they imagine a situation where the abusive partner physically hurts the victim. But of the types of domestic violence, physical abuse is only one form of abuse.

Cycle of Violence PDF

Each individual is unique; responses to trauma vary. Some effects you may recognize or experience are listed here.

Please visit the section “Children Exposed to Domestic Violence” on the Child Abuse page for information on Domestic Violence on Children.

It can be extremely difficult when you suspect someone you know and care about is being abused. The following information provides suggestions in offering support to those experiencing violence.

When someone is living in an abusive relationship, safety for themselves and their children is the first concern. Leaving the abusive situation to go to a shelter or another safe location may be the safest and best option for many. Although every situation is unique and there is no single “perfect” safety plan, the following form(s) may help identify other considerations important to safety.

Adult Safety Plan
Child Safety Plan