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What is Sexual Assault?

Sexual Assault is conduct of a sexual nature which is non-consensual, and is accomplished through threat, coercion, exploitation, deceit, force, physical or mental incapacitation, and/or power of authority.

Types of Sexual Violence

The term “sexual violence” is an an all-encompassing, non-legal term that refers to crimes like sexual assault, rape, and sexual abuse.

Steps to take after you have been Sexually Assaulted

Remember that this is not your fault, Recognize that Healing takes time, and know that it is never too late to call for help.

Common Reactions to Sexual Assault

This violation of the survivor’s body can have lasting physical and emotional effects. It is important for those around them to become educated about the issues surrounding sexual violence.

How to Help

The impact of sexual violence does not only affect the person who was assaulted – it can extend to family, friends, and loved ones of the survivor. The reactions of these friends and family members can make a profound impact on the survivor’s healing process.

Options for Help

If you are a survivor of sexual assault, you have many options for getting help.